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Loose Leaf

Winner of Best in Show at the Texas Game Jam 2021

Everyone has a story. You just need to find yours.

Loose leaf tells the story of a letter inside of a sketchbook. Having recently gained sentience, you seek out others to flesh out your own story.

I designed the level and implemented the art assets, as well as worked on a team to come up with the concept, scope of the project and MVP needed to complete the game before the time limit. I also worked on level design, scripting the parallax background, the letter following script and the menu functionality.


Our original idea was for the player to use words and sentences in a novel as platforms to move around the environment, but once someone brought up the idea of words turning into the background we were immediately sold. Although we didn't make a full scale platforming-intensive level, we all agreed that focusing more on dialogue and the NPCs that the player interacts with would make it a better and more achievable experience.


For this game jam we decided to make a design doc to better understand the scope of the game before we started working on it. Some of the ideas didn't quite make it into the final game but we were happy with what we accomplished in the 48 hours. You can see some of our early concept art and how we decided right away what systems the game would have as a minimum viable product.e

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